AS INDIVIDUALS and as a company, the staff at Nature's Trust, Inc., supports a variety of worthy causes that make our world a better place to live in.

darionews.jpgExamples include our work with the High Springs Community Gardens in North Central Florida.

A model for "buy local" and sustainability projects nationwide, the gardens provide organically-grown fruits and vegetables free to senior citizens and families who can use a helping hand.

We also support Sacred Gardens, part of an ambitious national initiative to showcase the ancient flora of the world's great spiritual traditions in park-like settings in every state, fostering new respect for "the old ways."

Led by the vision of biblical archaeologist Dr. Ed Bez, we help with the planting, care and nurturing of trees, plants and healing herbs that are found in the Bible's Old and New Testaments and other holy books and oral traditions.

Our founder and CEO, historian Dario Shakespeare, sets the bar for our good deeds in words and in action.

Just weeks ago, he walked 90 miles from Nottingham, England, to Skegness, on the coast, in a fundraiser for the blind.

He didn't do this as a business or political junket. He paid all expenses out of pocket and made the journey using personal vacation days while on break from his studies at the University of Nottingham. His efforts support the training of guide dogs that bring new freedom and self-sufficiency to visually challenged people in the United Kingdom.

"We're always looking for other ways to make our world a better place," says Dario. "And we're always open to suggestions from our national and international family of friends and customers.

"Send your idea to Nature's Trust, Inc., Good Neighbors. Please, don't be shy. I want to hear from you.

"Be sure to include contact information. And remember: Size doesn't matter - nor does reach. A small church or a soup kitchen doing good work is as important to us as the United Way or the Red Cross.

"We don't mind supporting larger charities - as long as they know how to squeeze a dollar and make the most of every donated cent.

"But we prefer 'lean, mean charities' that are guided by people who know how to roll up their sleeves and make things happen the old-fashioned way ... with hard work and dedication to a cause.

Nature's Trust Practitioner Series: Every purchase from your doctor or directly from Nature's Trust, Inc., supports the good work of people helping people."We also ask for your thoughts and prayers and encouragement to help us do the good work of being Good Neighbors.  

"Remember: Every purchase you make finances a portion of our double mission to help you meet your health challenges while also making our country, and our world, a kinder, gentler and happier place."

Questions? Comments? Write to Nature's Trust, Inc., Founder and CEO Dario Shakespere. He reads and answers every letter. That's a promise.