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Nature's Trust Practitioner Series, buy from your doctor - or buy direct.darionews.jpg"You'll get answers fast, usually within minutes and always within one day - that's a promise," says Dario Shakespeare, Nature's Trust, Inc., founder and CEO.

"In most cases, and always when appropriate, our executive staff, all knowledgeable herbalists, will respond directly. So you can expect answers directly from experts who care about you. I handle many questions and letters myself. 

"Remember: No question is too big or too complicated or too 'dumb.' Our mission is to help you.

"And if we don't have the answer at the tip of our tongues, don't worry - we'll research it and get it for you. At Nature's Trust, Inc., we'll never leave you in the lurch."

And yes, you can write to Dario directly, and he does read and respond to every letter. E-mail:Dario Shakespeare Direct. You'll be glad you did.