"HELPING YOU is what Nature's Trust, Inc. ( NaturesTrust.Net and MyHerbsExpress.Com ) is all about. And we work hard, really hard, to make sure we deliver cutting-edge herbs and supplements at prices that will help you, our worldwide family of friends and customers,  feel better before you go broke," says founder and CEO, Dario Shakespeare.

Nature's Trust, Inc. and Dario Shakespeare: Trusted Friends in Herbsdarionews.jpg"Make no mistake - we're proud of our company, our commitment to customer service and the products we sell to you," Dario continues, adding: "Everywhere I go, people confirm what I already believe when they say, 'Your philosophy of simplicity in business and in healing makes sense.'

"'We don't want 50 different bottles and brands of Cat's Claw or Astragalus and thousands of products in our faces. That's confusing and insulting.'

"'What we DO want are the best products available at the best possible prices. We want experts to help us, to cut through the hype and guide us in choosing the best products for our challenges and needs.'

"'And we don't want just any experts, we want experts we can trust.'

"That's why I created Nature's Trust, Inc. My team and I are experts, and we are trustworthy - and we care about you and your health.

"Let me repeat that. We care about you and your health. And if that sounds hokey or corny, so be it.

"When it comes to choosing the herbs and supplements that we offer to you, my staff and I brush aside the hype and the hoopla and the conflicting claims, the misinformation, the disinformation, the exaggerations and the marketing excesses to bring you the best of the best - period.

"Our products come from trusted leaders: INFINITY Imprinted Herbs, NutraMedix, Wren Song Organics, LifeLink, Allergy Research, American Health and, of course, INFINITY Imprinted Herbs: Highly Bioavailable, Propriety, Trusted - At Prices You Can Afford. From Nature's Trust, Inc.Nature's Trust, Inc., featuring our Nature's Trust Practitioner Series spagyric and living-foods liquid extracts, available from your doctor or directly from us.

"We work just as hard to keep down our overhead so we can pass savings on to you.

"That allows us to provide you with our products at fair and competitive prices. That leaves more money for you to keep in your bank account.

"Our motto - 'Helping you meet your wellness challenges before you go broke' - is a mission my team and I take seriously. It is, in fact, our Prime Directive. Nothing is more important to us.

"If a $9 herb is right for you, I want you to buy that herb and I'll provide it for you in our online store and you can buy with complete confidence that it an excellent product that matches with or is superior to anything else on the market.

"If a $35 is the best herb for you, yes, you'll be paying dear - but the correct herb, regardless of its price, always will save you money in the long run. That's the herb I'm going to recommend to you.

"And that's the herb you'll find in our store.

"At Nature's Trust, we make sure you are getting what we have determined through experience and research to be the finest herbals you can buy regardless of price.

"And by finest, I mean they are carefully grown, processed, enhanced and stored under correct and exacting proprietary conditions, and they are ultra fresh.

"We do not stockpile to add a few pennies to our profits. Instead, we procure all herbs and supplements direct from our bottlers and sell them fast, usually within a week, and then procure them all over again. 

"That's not just fresh, that's Nature's Trust fresh - and one of the Nature's Trust differences that provide you with ultra value every time you buy."

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